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you can make money on the Forex market and CFD shares with us
DominionFX —
Make money on your knowledge
Our basic position:
Profit =
Your knowledge + our practice
How does this work?
Let's say,

You watch Formula 1 race. If you had applied your knowledge and bought shares of the Mercedes-Benz racing team in amount of $12 000 (~375 000 rubles) in 2010, this money would turn into $21 000, i.e. 1 240 000 rubles by now.

1 240 000₽
375 000₽
About company

The brand DominionFX was created in 2016 with the main goal to provide brokerage services.

In the same year, Iphone 7 and Tesla 3 were presented. Meanwhile, the state program “Information society” has been realizing for five years in Russia yet. Its aim is to create the most profitable electronic data interchange system for citizens.

Information Technology have already created the new world with the real stories of success: personal and global. However, there are some spheres, where information technology will change the view about what is understandable and user-friendly, but not complicated and hardly possible.

So many opportunities keep appearing due to all-pervading Internet, such as telework and remote management of business. There is no need for the owners of the companies to keep their offices. Experts aim to comfort mode operation and life balance. In addition to this, there are lots of possibilities of gaining and applying knowledge in spheres, which you are interested in.

DominionFX want to show how the Forex market works, how you can make profit, using your own knowledge in addition to the sphere, in which you specialize.