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you can make money on the Forex market and CFD shares with us

In this section, we have collected some educational materials. We also offer our clients the basics and recommendations for traders with a great experience.

Learn the basic principles and strategies of operation, and it will help you to manage your money on the daily changing markets. Overcome new peaks together with Dominion FX, when you feel confidence in your strenght!

Here you will find the dictionary of Forex terms, video lessons by the company's experts, training courses in the Forex market and description of becoming a successful trader. If you want to solve an applied problem, use the section "Questions and answers", and we will help you operatively.

Forex dictionary

Move on to traders, brokers, analysts and other participants of the Forex market language! You may be confused by the variety of special terms, but it is only for the first time. It is impossible to navigate the world of electroniс trading without them.

Most of Stock Exchange expressions are of english origin, because trading terminology has been developing together with stock and currency trading in USA.

Check yourself, if you doubt the word meaning. The dictionary is being constantly updated.

How to become a successful trader?
There are 5 stages to successful Forex trade from beginner to professional with the minimum of loss.