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you can make money on the Forex market and CFD shares with us
Trading conditions

Instruments provided by the company for trade:

*СFD futures - contracts for difference, which are urgent, as well as futures contracts on the basis of which they are built, and have an expiry date. After the expiration of the current contract, there will be available a contract for trading with a later expiration date. A few days before the date of expiration the trading with current contract is to be transferred to Close Only (only closed). Positions, which are left open on the date of expiry, will be forced to close at the end of the last trading session.

Types of accounts

We offer 2 types of accounts: real and demo. Naturally, making deals on demo account is not profitable. However, it helps you to hone skills and develop new trading tactics, without risking your fixed capital. The next step is to move to real trading in Forex trading and other financial instruments to make money, and use obtained benefits. Setting of both accounts are identical, and allows to transfer elaborated strategy from the virtual to the real life.

Currency of account
Order execution method
Leverage (collateral requirements)

For the main instruments, currency pairs and spot metals, the basic size of leverage amounts 100:1. Do not stop there, if you count on more. During registration on trader's Personal Account you can choose other size of leverage up to 500:1.

Deposits for CFD are fixed and listed in the specification of the contract. Сollateral requirements do not increase, in case of counter position (Locked position).

Minimum deposit
Minimum contract value
Maximum contract value
Transaction cost (Operating expenses)

Operating expenses, or transaction cost, are determined as spread amount in monetary terms or commission.

  • - floating spread;
  • - commission fee is 0.02-0.05% of transaction value (only for CFD).

The fee in operations with CFD and average spread for each instrument are set in specification of the contracts.

Stop Out

Stop Out - is a negative interest, counting as a ratio of the sum on your account to collateral requirements. In case with Stop Out open positions are to be closed forcibly. In DominionFX Stop Out takes place, if the level of position drawdown reaches 20%.

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