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you can make money on the Forex market and CFD shares with us
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Make money on the topic
What is the difference between winner's intellection and the average person thinking?

A person with the down-to-earth manner of thought is always thinking: where he can get money in difficult situation? While the one, who can make plans and overcome difficulties, is pondering, how he can make money in the same situation?

On the Forex market it is possible to make big profit, using knowledge in a right way. And these knowledge may concern absolutely different spheres of human life.

For example

You are well versed in politics, and you were sure that Great Britain would vote for the exit from European Union. Most currency traders were opening long positions on the pounds on the eve of the referendum, as they did not believe in Brexit. Those, who were playing against the market and bet on safer assets that moment, made good profit.

And what about US presidential elections? After news that Donald Trump became a leader of the presidential race, stock market indices fell on average by 5%. It is not necessarily to be a stock analysts to predict such fall and capitalize on it. To understand the business and know that it perceives any surprises as a challenge is enough for any prediction on a stock market.

You are an environmental specialist and deal with the question of global consumption? Then you know exactly that it is high time for you to buy cocoa futures. The global demand for chocolate is increasing, and abnormally hot wind from the Sahara drain plantations and reduce yield.

You are an admirer of Apple company production? Release of each new model of gadgets causes the growth of the company's shares.

An announcement of "Stranger Things" TV series has provoked a growth of Netflix company stocks by 20%.

We offer you a test "Check your knowledge". Pass the test and check how you are good at profitable assets for investments.

Check your knowledge right now
Choose which sphere you are good at:
Perfect. Imagine that today is the beginning of 2015, and you have a possibility to buy shares one of these companies totalling $20000. Which company will you choose?
Fiat Chrysler

In 2014, Fiat - an italian concern of cars and trucks creation and Chrysler - an american automobile giant, including Jeep, Dodge and others car brand, were merged. It led to the emergence of a new major player in this segment.


Japanese car manufacturer, going to the world top ten of the rate of release due to Renault french manufacturers. Moreover, in 2016, the deal on joining the alliance of another japanese manufacturer - Mitsubishi Motors.


Sport cars Ferrari are luxury and speed symbol, they are recognized wherever you see it.


Fast developing and gathering momentum company, manufacturing the dream of ecologists the recent years - electric cars.

Perfect. Imagine that today is the beginning of 2015, and you have a possibility to buy shares one of these companies totalling $20000. Which company will you choose?

The largest social network in the world. Millions of people,mostly English-speaking from different countries are registered on Facebook, and the number of promotional tools is increasing every year.

Electronic Arts

The creator of computer games of different genres. The owner of several online projects and cult brands such as The Sims, Mass Effect, Need for Speed, and dozens of sport simulators.


American company, become a leader in manufacturing of video cards and processors. The main company's competitors are AMD (ATI) and Intel, which are seeking to get contracts of new innovation products development such as unmanned vehicles, which become a breakthrough idea in 2016, along with 3D printers.


The leading technological corporation, which does not need additional presentation, as most personal computers have software developed by its specialists such as MS-DOS and Windows, Microsoft Office programs and other developments. Microsoft additionally realeses game consoles Xbox and tablet computers Surface.

Perfect. Imagine that today is the beginning of 2015, and you have a possibility to buy shares one of these companies totalling $20000. Which company will you choose?
Petroleo Brasilia

Brazilian state corporation, which monopolistically owns all the recourses of the country and has contracts for the extraction, processing and realization of fuel with a number of Latin American states.


One of the oldest oil companies in the world since 1879. Chevron owns internal and external oilfields, and some have non-operating shares.


One of the leading companies in the sphere of oil production after Shell, BP and Exxon Mobil - the largest players of this segment. By the end of 2016, Total is producing oil in more than 130 countries worldwide and engaged in realization through its own network of filling stations.

Exxon Mobil

The heir of two companies Exxon and Mobile. The company represents the largest american player on oil refining and oil producing market.

Perfect. Imagine that today is the beginning of 2015, and you have a possibility to buy shares one of these companies totalling $20000. Which company will you choose?

The American media holding, wokking in several areas of business - it includes units related to broadcasting, publishing, advertising and labels.


One of the world's leading network for managing retail networks of shops and warehouses in many developed countries of the world. The latter at the beginning of September 2016, there are 715 units. At the end of 2016, Costco Corporation ranked 15th in the Fortune 500 list with confidence.


Company-carrier from the East Coast of the USA, which has a network of more than 40 thousand kilometers of railways along the Atlantic. It owns 18 sorting stations, and the network itself is associated with more than 70 river and sea ports of the country.

The largest online retailer, initially engaged in the sale of books, and later expanding its activities to other content categories. The manufacturer of own brand of e-books.

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