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you can make money on the Forex market and CFD shares with us
Conditions of the partnership program
  1. Open a partner's account, filled in the form on the web-site. Choose the partnership program.

  2. Click “My profile”, open “Personal Data”. fill in the form and activate an account. For this, attach scans of identity card with a photo. During one working day we will process the data, and afterwards, will activate an account.

  3. Get to work as a partner of DominionFX company.

  4. Attracting of a client is counted on the partner’s account after a client follows the partner link on web-site and opens a trading account, specifying the ID code of a partner.

  5. Partner remuneration for the attracted clients is paid monthly for each of the fifth of the following month at the end of the preceding month.

  6. The amount of remuneration is calculated on the basis of trading lots of the attracted client. A partner received a remuneration from 30% to 50% of spread for each lot.

  7. During registration, each partner gets a personal ID number, which helps to monitor the number of his attracted clients and received remuneration. It is convenient to monitor the statistics in “My Profile”.

  8. After opening a partner’s account the first client has to be attracted no later than 180 days. If not, the partner’s account is being blocked, and a partner’s link and (or) ID code are no longer effective.