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you can make money on the Forex market and CFD shares with us
Types of Partnership
Компания Dominion FX предлагает следующие виды партнерства:
  • Introducing broker
  • Web-partnership
Introducing broker (IB)

If you are an experienced trader or an expert of electronic platforms, your advise is appreciated, you can attract potential clients.

Dominion FX company gives you necessary informative support and materials.

New client has to indicate your unique partner ID code during registration. With each new client's deal, the partner gets up to 50% from spread of each opened trading lot.

We do not limit the maximum amount of partner's income.

1 240 000₽
375 000₽
Web-partnership (Web)

If you have an information resource on the Internet - blog, page in social networks - you can be remunerated for the attraction of new clients via your resource.

Dominion FX will provide you with all necessary information, promotional materials, banners and individual link.

A client, who will sign up on our web-site following this link, will be considered as attracted by you.

You will get 30% of spread from each opened lot by such client.

1 240 000₽
375 000₽
Become a Partner
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